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Mixed Discussion: Better Call Saul – “Uno”

It’s fitting that our first Mixed Discussion will be on Better Call Saul as it has quickly become a show that we will be talking about at length. For starters this is just about the first episode. Episodes two and three will be covered in the next one.

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Just Thoughts On: The Sober Music Video

Sober has grown on me as a video. I was initially down on the video because it would drop the audio during the chorus and it was off-putting to have some parts of it...

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Mixed Noise 81: Third Dinner

In this episode: Dallas Loses 6:51 New Girl 12:31 Gotham 16:36 Archer 17:31 Togetherness 20:19 Empire 23:56 Golden Globes 31:51 American Sniper 40:48 Big Hero 6 46:10 Big Eyes 49:19 2 Night Stand 52:28...