Just Thoughts On: Wilfred Season 4 Premiere

Wilfred has come back for its fourth and final season. In Wilfred fashion, last season ended with a mindfuck. Wilfred or at least his people in dog suit entity race have existed for some time. Ryan finds a ruined statue that supported as much. I don’t even know why I’m trying to make sense of the finale as this episode immediately makes most of the events from right before the death of Ryan’s dead to the ending shot a dream. Or was it? Events in the “real world” tended to mirror the dream leading the viewer to believe that the season premiere largely takes place in a dream itself. That may end up being true still but it really does make for interesting TV.

The concept of the unreliable narrator is something that has intrigued me. Ryan clearly has something wrong with him. The series started with his suicide attempt. There’s just no way that Wilfred actually being something exclusively other than a manifestation of Ryan’s psyche would make sense at this point. Some people would rather that the show doesn’t give answers to these questions but I don’t agree. Not everything has to be spelled out but I’d like some real closure here.

So the premiere sort of leaves us in the same spot as far as the mythology goes but with more options to go with. Additionally, we have Wilfred still betraying Ryan so that’s a nice reminder that Wilfred isn’t as straightforwardly helpful as he tries to appear.

This show makes it hard for me to really evaluate much of the overall narrative because of the various directions it can go. It’s definitely a series I will revisit when it’s all said and done. I guess it should be noted that this first episode remembered that this show is also a comedy and delivered on that front.

The second episode works to disrupt the theory that the events of the first were just another dream. Ryan continues to investigate the case involving the Wilfred cult. That leads him to the location of the picture in the case file. Of course this would be just too straightforward for Wilfred so we have to throw in the consequences of the kiss between Ryan and Jenna. We get sad looking Jenna early on, but the focus of this episode is on Ryan and Drew. As the show as gone on, Drew has become more and more likable. It’s gotten to the point that I want Drew to succeed in whatever he is looking for. The interpretation for me is that Wilfred is playing the role of Ryan’s guilty conscience. He tells Ryan that he needs to tell Drew what happened. Wilfred’s scenario of Ryan swooping in and getting Jenna on the rebound sounds like an awful idea ever though. Still, when Drew and Wilfred end up going with Ryan into the wilderness, things happen. The destruction of Drew’s guitar could easily fall on Ryan. The big thing that happens when Ryan finds the site in the picture is the confession. I can write off the accident with Drew as simply that given the circumstances. However, the confession was clearly planned. It was not the optimal time but I could see the panic causing it.

Drew’s reaction to finding out about the kiss is pretty amazing. His talk with Ryan before getting into the cab to go to Wisconsin felt really mature and accepting of a bad situation. It’s the sort of thing that really makes me root for the guy. I don’t think he and Jenna should be together but this guy should be happy. The episode ends with Jenna rushing off to Wisconsin after Drew. This seems like an affirmation of her renewed dedication to Drew but her earlier looks at Ryan suggest it’s just desperate grasping for a past that is now gone and a denial of feelings for a clearly messed up dude.

Wilfred is back and it’s looking to end strong. I hope that next week continues to move the plots along.

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