Just Thoughts on Wilfred-“Loyalty” “Answers” and “Forward”

“Loyalty”-Who cares? This episode focused on Ryanís sister
who is so very interesting with her affairs and dumb babies and riding
Ryan about everything because she sort of loves him. Oh wait, this is
all about the fallout of her affair baby not necessarily being safe
with Ryanís sister because sheís a bad mother? Yawn.

“Answers”-Now this is more like it! This episode continues to drive
the central mystery of what Wilfred is. Oh and it continues the
pattern of mind fucking all night long. And yet, the mind fucking
doesnít come out of whether what we are seeing is real or not. It
becomes clear very early on that what Ryan is seeing is not the truth.
The picture gradually becomes more and more off. What isnít clear is
what the images we are seeing might mean. Not only that, but the show
has a bit of fun with some of the dumber theories. Seeing Wilfred out
of his suit wasÖdisconcerting. The Truman Show bit was a nice fun
excursion that makes no sense when taking this showís history into
account. The major reveal we get from this episode is idea that there
are two man in dog suit gods. The good one is Matdamon because why
wouldnít it be. The trickster god is Krungle. I donít know who thatíd
be but it sound unpleasant. Like last time, this show wouldnít be
complete without its comedy aspect and this episode does not

“Forward”-With the knowledge that Wilfred could be Krungle, Ryan
decides that enough is too much. Ryan feels that the latest
Wilfred-related screwup of his life was Wilfred purposefully doing it.
It turns out that Ryan is right but not for the reason that he thinks.
The excuse that Wilfred finally gives Ryan is that he was trying to
keep him from seeing Amanda. This relates to the theme of the episode
and is beat into our head with the scene with Amanda at the end. As
people we need to strive to move forward.

Dwelling in the past is almost just as bad as actively trying to make
things like they were. As somebody who is struggling to move past the
year this show premiered, this episode really spoke to me. On the
surface itís not much different than normal advice. However, Iíve
found that knowing the truth in your mind is different than what you
feel. I donít really want to make a distinction between the heart and
the head but I donít know enough to use terms that are closer to the
facts if there are any. Wilfredís attempts to help out Ryan feel
different to me because it is clearly coming from a place of affection
on some level. Advice that comes from somebody who cares holds more
weight than somebody just spouting the truth.

Of course, this is assuming that Wilfred actually cares. I like to
believe he does and hope that Iím not proven wrong later. Now, hereís
another thing that perplexes me. Closure. Was Ryanís conversation
with Amanda enough to be considered closure? I would say no, but
thinking about what is said, it probably is. Not enough people get
even that so being grateful for that bit is important. I really wanted
more reasoning but maybe thatís just the way things are sometimes.
Again, this show continues to remember it is a comedy. So far this
season has been delivering more than it hasnít and Iím grateful for

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