Just Thoughts On: Wilfred-“Patterns”

Bruce returns to Wilfred as one of the Baldwins. No, not that one. Not that other one either. Oh yeah, that one! Sorry. Anyways his return definitely feels like a final season formality. There’s a sense of ending when talking about ending the games. However, both Wilfred and Bruce’s insistence that the games must go on and the continued questions over Bruce make me worried. It feels like the show is acknowledging the end but is not doing enough to answer the many questions that we have left.

I say it only makes me worried because there’s the chance that what Bruce is won’t even matter in the end if they choose to go down a certain route with the show. Plus, if everything else is answered adequately, it could retroactively give us a satisfactory ending to this as well.

This definitely wasn’t my favorite episode of the season but I liked that Ryan tried to break out of his constant pining for Jenna and the back and forth we get from that. It hurts to break that cycle at any time and most are forced to do so at the lowest points. Yet Ryan is able to do it when he’s given another opportunity.

The most important piece of the mythology this episode is the man who Ryan thought Bruce was initially. It confirms that the trail still leads somewhere but Ryan doesn’t really pursue it.

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