Just Thoughts On: Wilfred-“Responsibilities”

Yet again another character was recast and this time it was Ryan’s mother. However, it wasn’t nearly as jarring as Bruce for whatever reason. Credit seems due on not only the actresses looking similar but Mimi Rogers’s performance. She plays up Ryan’s mom very well and even makes another story that has a lot of the focus on Ryan’s sister more bearable. It was actually a beautiful moment when Ryan’s sister broke down and revealed that she was trying to take away her mother’s happiness because she wasn’t happy herself. It felt like a very real moment where emotion wins out and logic is out the door. It very much felt like a true embodiment of the misery loves company saying and not just another excuse for people who happen to surround themselves with others who have made poor life choices or who are abusive in some form.

Along with Ryan’s mother we get her new lover. He just happens to have been her doctor in the institution so Ryan’s sister’s trepidation is understandable. You may have noticed I’m not using many names and they are all in relation to Ryan. That must mean that Ryan plays a huge role here. Not really. I’m just really bad with names and these aren’t characters that I feel will play a big enough role in the little time we have left.

A relatively large development for the show occurs at the very end of the show. Wilfred becomes a three-legged dog much to his joy. It’s a large change for Wilfred that affects these last few remaining episodes. While there appears to be some things and new jokes they can do with Wilfred directly because of this, there may be some potential for the relationships of the characters that Wilfred interacts with. Not only in their relationship with Wilfred but with each other through Wilfred.

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