Just Thoughts On: Amazon Pilot Season 2015-“The Man in The High Castle”

It’s Amazon Pilot Season again so it’s time to bust out the alcohol and hate yourself. Wait a second. This show isn’t The After. The Man In The High Castle is apparently based off a book so that means we haven’t heard of it before. The basic premise of the show is that it is an alternate universe where the Axis Powers won World War 2. The Americas have been split between Japan and Germany. As with any occupied country, there are resistance fighters. We begin with those resistance fighters in New York as they send an important shipment out West. Not a lot of information is revealed to us at the beginning and the reveals of this alternate universe are handled well. Nothing really felt hokey and playing up the gimmick. This is simply a different world and the two nations have different traits. This is reflected in the makeup of each country.

I may have missed an important date stamp near the beginning but the time of this show is unclear to me. I actually find it adds to the general mystery of the world. A friend tells me it’s 1962 but that doesn’t change much for me. Of course the bigger mystery that is introduced fairly early on is the existence of movie reels that show our timeline. How is there a connection to our history? Time travel? Portals? I don’t know. The Man in The High Castle had better be a metaphor. I don’t want some trek in the Rockies going to find him.
The premise of this show is incredibly solid and intriguing. Other genre shows that come out always seem to have to have word of mouth and multiple episodes to hook me. This one got me from the first couple of scenes. While I have doubts about the leads, this show looks incredibly promising. I’m so hopeful this becomes a good series. I’d take a mini-series if it meant telling a concise story.

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