Just Thoughts On: The Last Man On Earth “Alive in Tuscon” and “The Elephant in The Room”

I really enjoyed the pilot. The show is gives a quick premise to the viewers and sets up some of the world. We really get a feel for our protagonist in this episode as well. Some of the things he does to amuse himself are pretty clever to me. The world is your playground, now what do you do? Of course you can’t get too dangerous since there’s no doctors to patch you back up if you get hurt. There’s not much electricity to just waste either. Oh but there’s plenty of alcohol, guys. Like a ton. It’s pretty great. The only thing I’d do differently is a different choice of alcohol. Tequila is not my bag at all. Oh but we were talking a show. Anyways, this show very much felt like a comedic I Am Legend. The commentary on Cast Away made for a nice gag as well.
Yet, once Phil starts to get more and more depressed, it became clear that this show could not survive on just the day-to-day of this man. The show felt like it would have been better suited to being a short film than a television series. Just as Phil is about to commit suicide, he notices that someone else is still alive and he heads over in that direction.
This is where the show falters for me. Kristen Schaal has an annoying voice. It’s funny when used appropriately, but I don’t know if I can handle her being almost 50% of a show. That is a lot of show to hear it. Maybe I’m also a little perturbed by the dangling of Alexandra Daddario, only to be ripped from Heaven like Phil was. I’m also angry at being forced to use the word perturbed. Anyways, as such the second episode of the show was a large step down for me. It’s another one of those Odd Couple sort of setups that really makes the show feel shallower than it could have been. I hope we get to dive into the characters to change them a bit for the sake of the show.
The first episode of this show really generated a lot of goodwill that the second took a bit of. The third episode just released recently so I will take a look at it to see where this show will take me. I’ve already committed myself to giving it at least 6 episodes and evaluating what I’d like to do from there.

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