Just Thoughts On: The Last Man On Earth-“Raisinballs and Wedding Bells”

This episode played on common tropes of weddings. Carol is still as annoying as ever but her desire to make this work really helps make the audience more sympathetic to her. Or rather, it helps me be more sympathetic to her. Yet, that doesn’t stop me from feeling the misery that Phil does. He’s doing things he doesn’t want to because this is all his life his now. If I ever start to forget why he continues to try with Carol, it’s because he was going to kill himself before she came along. They might play up another suicide moment later on for laughs but it is an ever-present driving force for this show. It’s what makes two people who have no business being together keep trying for their sanity and for the sake of mankind.

Carol’s officiating of the wedding through the recording was a fun touch. It felt like the best use of the character so far. That sex scene was uncomfortable in just the right ways and it was shot from such perfectly chosen angles as well. I like that they both end up trying to make it work. The show seems to be making a habit of riding out an emotion to the line where it would just be completely annoying if it persisted and then making a logical change. I’m not the biggest fan because it still enters annoying territory but this is still such a unique show that I’m interested in watching more. I’m enjoying it even if I’m not laughing all that much.

The end of this episode brings us January Jones and it was then that I knew this show is trying to push my buttons.

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