Just Thoughts On: The Last Man on Earth -“Sweet Melissa”

Well, I skipped about a fifth of this episode because it was just uncomfortable and not funny. The premise of this show still has me but man is this episode just not cutting it. It’s a 22 minute show. It doesn’t have time to retread stuff in the same episode. Nothing really happens that way. Phil has a chance to cut through some of the garbage and roll back what he thought was his only option. However, he’s not exactly helping his case by being so skeevy and pushy that it becomes hard to root for him. Maybe it’s residual feelings for the actor but it feels like there is a kind-hearted person in there that just does not know how to be a more low-key person. His descent into madness may still be in full effect and just not that readily apparent since it’s a bit hard to tell what a level-headed person might do in the situation. I’d probably not eat a bunch of canned foods mushed together mixed with chips for mouth feel. Even the term mouth feel just drives home the kind of character Carol is but I’ve beat that drum a lot already.

Melissa feels a bit like the straight man here. She’s clearly been hurting for companionship and is being extremely kind to the weirdos around her. So far Melissa hasn’t really been much of a character to me but rather just another cog in the drama between Phil and Carol. I also have to admit that Melissa did not really come across as a Betty this episode so she’s already better than I thought she’d be.

On my own really low, skeevy note, I cheered for Phil when Melissa started mentioning how horny she was. Maybe we’re all a little Phil or I just suck.

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