The Black Couch 4: 2-13-10

Hey everybody, welcome to The Black Couch!  This is officially our fourth episode, but the first time being featured on the site.  Don’t worry about the first three, you’ll realize what this is all about very quickly.  I’d like to describe this podcast as a free-form discussion with a loose structure in order to keep it from getting too out of hand, but then you might get the wrong idea about so let’s jump right in.

Another achievement was unlocked this week when we stayed mostly on the topic for almost an hour!  Below is a list of what was covered and a rough timeline to go along with it.

13 G NES 3:40
Lost Planet 2 Cameos 11:50
Halo: Reach 14:00
NPD for Dec. and Jan. 18:02
Fable 3 27:00
Rock Band Deal 29:00
Battlefield Sale 31:00
What We’ve Been Playing: Dante’s Inferno, and WoW 34:50
Returning Series? 46:05
LA Noire 52:40
Hey Big D, What’s Cooking? 56:00

Send any questions you might have to and we’ll take a look at it, or not, depends how we feel when the recording day comes around.

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