We Can’t Stop-Miley Cyrus Just Chilling Music Review

Just posted up the second review recently. Glad to never have to listen to this song again. I say this every time, but it feels like my target audience is pretty small. People who simultaneously enjoy pop music, they also hate so much of it. As it stands, I’m pretty much making these for my friend and I but I enjoy doing it.


This review includes a few changes. I tried including video of me to break up the videos in hopes that it won’t be taken down for copyright, or rather, that my arguments of fair use will hold up better. However, that created a sound problem. I didn’t want there to be a constant shift in sound so I just used the same microphone for all of my audio. However, I need to tweak the settings more to get rid of the echo and perhaps look into filming somewhere else. Oh, and write better material, but let’s stick to what’s doable first.

Here’s the extended cut with Darnelle


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