Mixed Noise 34: There Is No God

This week, a sport died. We, and by we I mean I, finish talking about Band of Brothers. Also, we really dive into Her. Heh.

In this episode:
Why have you forsaken me?!
9:43 New Girl S03E12-“Basketsball”
15:23 Community S05E04-“Cooperative Polygraphy”
23:20 Band of Brothers Episode 7-“Breaking Point”
27:23 Band of Brothers Episode 8-“The Last Patrol”
31:20 Band of Brothers Episode 9-“Why We Fight”
36:02 Band of Brothers Episode 10-“Points”
42:51 American Hustle
46:42 Her
01:17:03 Perfect Day by Lou Reed

Music in this episode:
Supersymmetry by Arcade Fire
Perfect Day by Lou Reed
Candy by Wake Owl

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