Just Thoughts On: New Girl S03E13-“Birthday”

Let’s get some dark truths out of the way first. I’m an awful writer. I suspect using a whiteboard and lots of string to connect ideas might help, but that sounds hard and there’s plenty of TV out there to left to watch. So instead, I’m going to be writing my thoughts on episodes after I watch them. These ideas will likely be covered in podcast form, but for the sake of timeliness and your ears, there’s this option. Some thoughts may be more like reviews than others and there will always be a recommendation of some sort. This will always be above the first picture so feel free to ignore it in the future.

Birthday parties sure are fun

This might mark the first time that I really felt like the plot made no sense and yet it still didn’t change my enjoyment of the episode. It’s a bit strange to come out say that the plot was ridiculous in a comedy but I think it’s a vital component. Comedy can often be derived from the plot. It allows characters to react to a situation accordingly or to fail to do so and be noted for it. Yet, plot can also be a crutch when the characters are weak. Ridiculous situations have the potential to be funny no matter who is involved. I think good comedies recognize that good characters will help flesh out the world and make good jokes feel more satisfying. It’s part of the reason that people roll their eyes when lesser romantic comedies ignore obvious solutions that most people would do. To have that pop up so potentially obviously in New Girl is strange. Can it be explained away as another Nick Miller quirk? I don’t know and the episode made sure I don’t care too much.

Others like to say that this show is slowing down, but it’s still the same show that I love. Coach’s inclusion with the main cast is great and I hope it continues. CeCe got something to do this episode, so that’s always a plus. The pairing of Coach and Winston made for some great comedy. Coach’s senseless cartwheel when Jess is crying had no purpose but to be funny.

New Girl has continued to excel recently in the emotional department. I’ve always liked the Nick/Jess pairing but the early part of the season was a little bit tumultuous for me. To have minor spats every episode that are resolved in the end felt a little bit too convenient and it cheapened the relationship a bit. Here, it felt like a perfect Nick Miller expression of his feelings for Jess. Her high expectations coupled with his best attempt to meet them. It really felt like the first “I love you” was about to happen but it seems like that’ll be left for another time.

Even Schmidt’s attempts to help CeCe were pretty sweet. CeCe continues to be inept and being a bartender and Schmidt does his best to help her out. However, the resolution there felt very rushed in order to get them back with the others.

It appears the next episode won’t be until the post-Super Bowl Prince episode which makes me very nervous. I hope they can deliver an excellent episode to hopefully try and grab new viewers.

Funny bits this episode:
Coach’s moist cake
The video
Time-consuming and free activities
Rubber band scrunchies
So much more

Recommendation: Watch it. There’s extra special bits for fans but it was still a solid funny episode of TV

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