Just Thoughts On: New Girl Sister Trilogy

I think that’s the first for a trilogy, isn’t it? The last part was the best part. I guess that’s not hard to do when the first two parts were a little muddy. I’m going to do a quick rundown through it with a separate recommendation for each episode because I have been slacking on my duties.

Part One: Sister is introduced. Oh, wait, I talked about this one already. Moving on.

Part Two: Jess tries to get her sister to move. Nick has to distract. Nick Millers it. Schmidt takes over. Schmidt Millers it. They have crazy sex all the time. Life is good. Jess tries to Miller it. Fails.

Funny bits: Winston’s interview, Abby and Schmidt, Frantic Nick, Coach and Winston

Recommendation: Watch, but be warned of Jess

Part Three: Jess moves in with Nick after she finds out that Abby is doing great living with Schmidt. Jess moves out because of a dress and dirty feet. Cece and Coach’s interactions are just comedic fluff but it works. What they are doing with the plot is something else, and the show doesn’t really take it in the direction one would expect. Winston doesn’t get much to do and that’s a shame. The same could be said more many episodes of the show but it’s especially glaring here.

Once again, the week part of the show is Jess for me. It’s like the writers are on some sort of loop. Like time is a flat circle or something. I’m back at the beginning of the series and Jess is the worst part of the show. I really hope they can correct this trajectory as we near the end of the season. Speaking of which, this setup for future episodes has to lead somewhere. So much of this season has been about their relationship, so something needs to happen to make me think that things will be different for next season.

Funny bits:
“When you’re naked, you’re powerful and it’s glorious. When you’re changing, you’re hunched over and cowering, like an animal.”

Coach’s acknowledgement of his weird friendship with Cece

“I’ve never felt so clean while being so dirty.”

Recommendation: Watch is so hard.

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