Just Thoughts On: Community S05E10-“Advanced Advanced Dungeons and Dragons”

The Dean’s role-play has Jeff’s son may very well be the strongest part of this episode. His overreactions early on inject humor into tense scenes. His monologue complete with the sword scene plays on old material but makes it fun.

The best portions of the episode are when the gang gets really animated as they get into the game. I guess that’s a pretty simple concept that is once again being repeated, but enough is changed to make those moments fun.

However, the driving force behind this story and the narrative being crafted isn’t nearly as gripping as the first Dungeons and Dragons episode. I found myself unable to concentrate on parts that weren’t actively being interesting. I praise the Dean’s role because he made the first half of the episode not a complete drag for me. His later “death” was normal Dean behavior at this point but it wasn’t completely outlandish in any sort of bad way.

I can tell you what happened in the credits scene(or tag as some call it, and by some it’s pretty much everyone else apparently), but I can’t tall you how Mike Hickey and Tobias Hickey resolved their conflict. This is Community so I’d assume it was something all hand-holdy but I wouldn’t bet anything on it. Without an overly long Jeff speech with close-ups of every character, the resolution just didn’t register.

Side note: I wouldn’t be surprised if this was Shirley’s last season with the show. She is being given almost nothing to work with and is constantly being cut out of episodes early.

Funny bits:
David Cross singing the LOTR-ish song during the Dean’s monologue.
Goblin interrogation
Climatic battle

Recommendation: I don’t know. I feel like I need to watch it again, but the fact that I have to makes me not want to recommend it. That’s a shame because there are some good bits to be had here.

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