Just Thoughts On: How I Met Your Mother Finale

I usually try to make it a point of not skipping around in these, but as you might have noticed, I’ve gotten very behind. The only one I’ve done right was True Detective and even that had a large gap until the finale came out. It was my plan to go through each episode or two until we got to the finale. I would have done that still. I expected the mother to die in the finale. The show has been hinting at it enough. I was really excited about how the show was going to do it. I wanted to go episode by episode because the show was building up to this moment. It turns out that the show was building up to a moment that they planned years ago. So in order to get there, they had to erase the developments of the last few seasons in order for it to work on any level. As a result, Barney’s redemption had to be erased. Alternately, they couldn’t completely revert Barney back to his old ways. It would make things too apparent that he was sacrificed for the ending. So they go back to his daddy issues and have that be his saving grace. He wanted to be a good father. They create a ridiculous scenario that allows him to do that. His speech to his daughter was very close to just cheese but I think Neil Patrick Harris actually sold it. That doesn’t change that the lead-in to that moment was very weak.

Again, I have waited too long to get to this point. The episode was overstuffed. This is the kind of stuff that this season should have been about if they were going to go down this road. We didn’t need to do the weekend gimmick since the last shot of the show isn’t Ted meeting the Mother (who we finally find out was named Tracy McConnell). That self-imposed time constraint gave us wonderful episodes like the all-rhyming one or SlapTraining 3000. Instead, we are sped through time to have Ted end up with Robin in the end after Tracy died. Robin and Ted was continually put to bed over and over again like a kid who just wouldn’t respect their bedtime. What is the point of doing that throughout the series if this is the ending that they had in store for the show from the start? The length of this show is a problem but the creators not following their own ending is just as big of one. Why would Ted want to get back together with Robin now? She was said to have disappeared from their lives except for the big moments. If they at least showed her helping Ted cope with Tracy’s death that would have been something. Instead, we got…that.

Some had said that Tracy being dead would ruin the series. I disagree. The good episodes of the series are still good. What ruins it is the aimless wandering and rushed ending. I’d have liked to go more in depth but once again the time for this had run its course. I should start looking at Raising Ho-oh that ended too? All my shows are leaving me.

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