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Just Thoughts On: The Sober Music Video

Sober has grown on me as a video. I was initially down on the video because it would drop the audio during the chorus and it was off-putting to have some parts of it...

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Miguel – Simplethings

What’s up?! I’m the “Hip Hop Ambassador” himself, Jesse…or Smitty. Whatever you want to call me. Anyways, I used to have this blog called However, shit  happened and I lost the website. My...

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Childish Gambino-Royalty Review

For much of his career, Childish Gambino struggled being taken serious as a rapper. Given that he has already established a successful television and comic career, it’s hard to believe in what this guy is really...

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BrandKnew Music #1

Shad is a Canadian rapper with just pure dopeness. This song is filled with clever punchlines and a beat that’s just…raw.   Reposted with permission from