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Miguel – Simplethings

What’s up?! I’m the “Hip Hop Ambassador” himself, Jesse…or Smitty. Whatever you want to call me. Anyways, I used to have this blog called Brandknewblog.com. However, shit ¬†happened and I lost the website. My...

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Mixed Noise 37: But I Like it

Jesse finally saw The Pacific. Marcus continues his trek through 2013. Valentine’s Day advice for all. In this episode: Sports Mayhem 10:47 The Pacific Episodes 1-3 20:17 New Girl-“Exes” 27:13 Rick and Morty 28:15...

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Just Thoughts On: S03E15-“Exes”

I don’t know how I feel about this episode. My gut reaction is to say that I liked it. But there’s a retcon in here that almost gets me mad at the season and...