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Mixed Noise 2: Stop it, Drake

Oh, you’re back?  Clearly, you didn’t finish last week’s show?  Oh, you’re new? Nice to meet you. I’m so sorry. On this week’s show: Hannibal Community Ruby Sparks No New Friends by DJ Khaled...

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Childish Gambino-Royalty Review

For much of his career, Childish Gambino struggled being taken serious as a rapper. Given that he has already established a successful television and comic career, it’s hard to believe in what this guy is really...

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Catherine Review

PLATFORM: PS3 PUBLISHER:  Atlus DEVELOPER: Atlus ESRB: Mature MULTIPLAYER: 2-player coop or versus RELEASED: 7/26/11   When I first heard of Catherine earlier this year, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. ...

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BrandKnew Music #1

Shad is a Canadian rapper with just pure dopeness. This song is filled with clever punchlines and a beat that’s just…raw.   Reposted with permission from http://brandknew.tumblr.com/post/8361790630/shad-flawless

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Alice: Madness Returns

PLATFORM: Xbox 360 PUBLISHER: Electronic Arts DEVELOPER: Spicy Horse ESRB: Mature MULTIPLAYER: None RELEASED: 6/14/11 When American McGee’s Alice was released for PC in 2000, it took gamers on a dark twisted journey through...

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NCAA Football 12 Review

Remember those days in the science fair? If you repeated the same project the year before, you had to improve on it in some way. NCAA would not have received a ribbon this year....

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F3AR Review

The third installment of the Fear Franchise delivers amazing action and co-op but remains light on scares…